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Our Donors

The Educational Scholarship has been made possible through generous contributions by the following individuals:

Our Impact

From breakthrough insights to lifelong connections, explore the lasting impact of GlomCon as shared by those who have experienced the power of collaboration, mentorship, and unparalleled opportunities.

The GlomCon Fellowship program is an excellent learning platform for nephrologists worldwide, especially for a fellow from a developing country. I am thrilled to be a fellow of Glomcon, and it is an outstanding course with superb expertise, great case discussions, and huge networking that brings
nephrologists together worldwide.


Lectures from the expertise of The GlomCon fellowship course have boosted my knowledge regarding glomerular disease diagnosis and management of patients with kidney disease, which was challenging to learn from a textbook. In addition, I believe the Glomcon fellowship training has made me an experienced nephrologist in my local institute. Finally, it has helped me to be a consultant nephrologist all over my country to collaborate with other doctors and nephrologists.


From the depth of my heart, I appreciate the generous donors of the Glomcon organization Dr.Ali Poyan Mehr that support me to benefit from this educational platform. I wish to be a member of this organization and also want to collaborate in research in the future.

Ahmad Baseer Kaihan, MD, PhD

Jawzjan Provincial Hospital
Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

Our Scholarship Recepients

Explore the faces of excellence and meet the inspiring recipients of the GlomCon Educarional Scholarship, each embodying the transformative impact of educational opportunity.

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