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Joining the Glomerular Disease Study & Trial Consortium


Through GlomCon, a diverse group of people has formed a global network of peers to collaborate and mentor each other on various clinical, educational, and research projects. These activities have contributed to glomerular disease education and awareness a have provided an opportunity to establish long-lasting connections, unrestrained by geographic boundaries. For trainees and early career physicians, the involvement with GlomCon serves as an opportunity for professional development and can provide an opportunity for career advancement.

We invite anyone interested in glomerular kidney diseases to join us in our push for a better future for patients affected by these disorders.

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Mentorship and Leadership Opportunities

Join the global GlomCon network for unique opportunities in online medical education and receive mentorship, career support, and establish professional collaborations.

Internships and More

College, nursing, and medical students have the opportunity to get involved through internships in online medical education and field studies.

Professional Collaborations

Meet the leading experts and luminaries in nephrology and nephropathology, develop programs within GlomCon, mentor colleagues, and be part of the next generation leaders to shape the future of glomerular disease diagnosis and care

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