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Kidney Disease Registry

An Opensource, Decentralized Approach to Kidney Disease Registries

The GlomCon Foundation is thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Kidney Disease Registry platform, marking a complete transformation in the approach to global disease registries. Unlike conventional registries, where sites relinquish ownership and control of their data to a central coordinating center, this new platform empowers each site to establish its own local registry while retaining full ownership and control of its data.


This new approach allows sites to use the GlomCon platform for their studies, lead multi-site studies, or participate in collaborative research funded by industry, government, or philanthropic foundations. This platform provides broad flexibility, enabling sites to tailor their registries to their specific needs and goals.


Further, GlomCon is committed to assisting qualifying sites in securing funding opportunities, ensuring that participating sites can benefit from research grant and sponsorship support while maintaining complete control over their research endeavors.


For more information on participating and utilizing our platform, please contact

Together, we can drive the future of kidney disease research forward.

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