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GlomCon Publications Policy

GlomCon Pubs is a hybrid of open-access and member-supported platforms for the distribution of clinical information in glomerular diseases. The mission of GlomCon Pubs is to disseminate educational content relevant to the care of patients with glomerular diseases.  

Submissions can be in text form (Opinion, Brief Review, Editorial, Case report, etc.), infographics, or visual abstracts. Each entry will be a living document, subject to real-time peer review and ongoing revisions and updates.

Who can submit to GlomCon Pubs?

Any individual interested in the field of nephrology, and in particular glomerular diseases, can submit to GlomCon Pubs.

Editorial Process

Authors and creators submit their work to GlomCon Pubs. The Editor-in-Chief reviews the work for significance and quality and determines whether it is within the scope of GlomCon Pubs.  The Editor-in-Chief assigns the work to a Deputy Editor for review, who will assess the intellectual content and clarity of information.  Additional secondary and tertiary reviews may be deemed necessary, and content experts and GlomCon Faculty Advisors might conduct a further evaluation before publication. The Editorial Board may request edits to the document before publication.

Guidelines for Authors

  • The full name of each author and their affiliation must be listed on the submission’s title page. 

  • Each author must have made a substantial contribution to the document based on criteria recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)

  • Any individual who contributed to the document, but does not meet the above criteria for authorship, should be listed in the Acknowledgement section.

  • Each author is responsible for the entire content of each submission and should be in complete agreement with material submitted for publication.

  • Authors agree to submit their work to GlomCon Pubs following Creative Commons license terms.

Conflict of Interest Policy

All authors must disclose any relevant conflicts of interest, financial or non-financial relationships at the time of submission—further information about the definition of conflicts of interest is available on the ICMJE website.

Guidelines for Submission

  • The preferred format for all text submissions is Microsoft Word. 

  • All tables and graphs must have a title. 

  • Submissions should be clear, succinct, and well-written with proper syntax, grammar, and spelling. 

  • In general, consider a 750-word limit for most submissions. The editorial board can make exceptions to this requirement if an extended discussion is needed to convey the information properly. 

  • Authors should use the updated nomenclature for kidney function and disease, as developed during KDIGO’s Consensus Conference on Nomenclature for Kidney Function and Disease. 

  • Include references as hyperlinks throughout the body of the document. 

  • Abbreviations and acronyms should be spelled out on the first reference and kept to a minimum overall.

  • All medication names should be generic (avoid brand names).

  • Avoid duplicate submissions of prior publications.

  • Consider screening your work for similarities to already published work by other authors to avoid unintended overlaps (e.g., using online screening tools).

  • At the time of submission, authors should notify us if the document has been submitted for publication elsewhere except as a brief abstract in the proceedings of a scientific meeting.

Use of Copyrighted Material

  • All copyrighted material (text, figure, table, or graphical designs) must be clearly cited and referenced. 

  • Each copyrighted material that is not under Creative Commons license must have explicit permission from the original publisher or author/creator. 

  • Authors must upload permissions as Supporting Documents when the initial article/manuscript is submitted.

Contact us

Email us if you would like to discuss your work before submission, or if you have any questions:

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