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Our Mission

Our organization pursues several goals that can be identified as our mission. Learn more about them below:​

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We aim to educate the public on kidney diseases, their prevention, and early detection.

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Bridging Gap

We aim to provide expertise and training to healthcare professionals, to enhance their knowledge and skills in the management of glomerular and kidney diseases.

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Knowledge Dissemination

We aim to create and disseminate educational materials on kidney diseases, to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the public and healthcare professionals.

Our Team

Seminar Team

Team leader: Dr Dominic Akatibo

Dr Edward P.K. Kwakyi
Dr Francisca Enu-Kwasi
Dr Martha Tufuor

Reena Ametorwo

Education and Outreach Team

Team leader: Dr Edward P.K. Kwakyi
Dr Victor Ekem
Dr Martha Tufuor
Dr Isaac Akyeampong
Dr Yvonne Okang

Social Media Team

Team leader: Dr Martha Tufuor

Dr Leroy Dotse
Dr Yvonne Okang
Dr Prince Adutwum
Dr Edward P.K. Kwakyi

Management Team

Administrative director: Reena Ametorwo
GlomCon Ghana Ambassador: Dr Edward P.K. Kwakyi

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