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GlomCon Scholarships

GlomCon's Scholarship Programs provide financial and mentorship support to advance glomerular disease education and research.

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Awarded Scholars


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Available Scholarships

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Research Scholarship

The GlomCon Physician Scientist (GPS) Scholarship provides one year of support toward a clinical research project in glomerular diseases. It is expected that the research performed within the GPS Scholarship program will provide the basis for a more substantial career development grant and pathway toward scientific independence and a career in clinical research. 

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Educational Scholarship

These micro-scholarships aim to improve access to GlomCon's Fellowship and related educational programs for people from low-income and middle-income countries. Awards are based on funding availability, economic considerations, and diversity goals. 


Travel Scholarship

Recognizing the impact a national or international gathering of nephrologists can have on a trainee's future career, we offer travel scholarships for trainees and early-career nephrologists involved in GlomCon's research and educational initiatives. This scholarship supports travel costs associated with attending relevant conferences, symposiums, or research collaborations, promoting knowledge exchange and professional growth. 

Each scholarship reflects GlomCon's commitment to nurturing talent, advancing research, and fostering a global community of professionals dedicated to combating glomerular diseases.

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