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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Through GlomCon, a diverse group of people has formed a global network of peers to collaborate and mentor each other on various clinical, educational, and research projects. Due to the outstanding learning experience provided by the exceptional faculty and speakers, GlomCon grew from a small virtual community of nephrologists in Boston to a weekly event with more than 6000 subscribers and global participants from over 132 countries.  

These activities have contributed to glomerular disease education and awareness and allowed the establishment of long-lasting connections unrestrained by geographic boundaries.

For trainees and early career physicians, involvement with GlomCon serves as an opportunity for professional development and can provide an opportunity for career advancement.

We invite anyone interested in glomerular kidney diseases to join us in our push for a better future for patients affected by these disorders.

Medical Resources

Global Glomerular Disease Registry

The GlomCon Global Glomerular Disease Registry is a clinical data registry to collect real-world evidence and conduct natural history studies of patients with glomerular kidney disease. Users can study disease incidence, prevalence, and pursue observational outcome studies of their local cohort of patients or across a cohort drawn from a network of regional or global research partners.

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Clinical Research

Through mentorship, collaboration, and education, we hope to expand the opportunities for clinical investigators to engage in industry-sponsored trials and investigator-initiated collaborative research studies.

Medical Resources

GlomCon Pubs

GlomCon Pubs is an online educational library of glomerular disease-related reviews, blog-style perspectives, infographics, and short video posts (Shorts).

Medical Resources

GlomCon Worldwide

GlomCon is a global network dedicated to promoting international exchanges and collaborations. One of the critical ways that GlomCon achieves this goal is through its country initiatives, which we designed to support local nephrology and patient communities and leverage local expertise worldwide.

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To help HOPE find OPPORTUNITY™. A curated list of available trials for patients and doctors, accompanied by educational information about diseases for patients and doctors, and up-to-date information about clinical trials.

Medical Resources

Emerging Therapeutics

What the blade is for the surgeon is medicine for the internist. These past few weeks have brought us closer to acquiring the tools we need to care for our patients with kidney disease. Here we are reviewing drugs under investigation or therapies recently approved.

Medical Resources

GlomCon Network

This Network is a community for patients and professionals alike, including caregivers and kidney disease trainees. We aim to provide a private platform for members to connect, network, provide peer support, and find a global directory of Kidney Disease Experts in the local proximity.

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This is GlomCon's Member Portal. It is our subscription platform for healthcare professionals interested in the latest on glomerular disease diagnosis and management.

Medical Resources

Kidney Pathology Certificate Program

The Kidney Pathology Certificate Program is a comprehensive coverage of kidney pathology in 12 months by leading experts and educators in nephropathology.

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Glomerular Disease Fellowship

We have designed the Fellowship to advance the knowledge of trainees in the diagnosis and management of patients with all types of glomerular diseases. The program is structured to enable trainees to complement (but not substitute) the education provided by their ABIM certified nephrology fellowship training programs.

Medical Resources

GlomCon Seminars

The live, open, and interactive style of the GlomCon Seminars enables the cross-institutional transfer of experience and treatment approaches in a unique way. In addition, it has provided an opportunity for participants to create new connections beyond their institutional and geographical barriers.

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