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Stanford Glomerular Disease Center



Our glomerular disease clinic embraces all glomerular diseases patients, utilizing cutting edge diagnostics and therapeutics, spanning primary disease (IgAN, membranous, FSGS, minimal change, C3GN, ICGN, fibrillary) to systemic (ANCA- related, anti-GBM related, lupus nephritis, light chain disease related, infection related, drug/toxin related and cancer related). We counsel and treat women with pregnancy related issues regarding glomerular disease as well. We emphasize clinical trials as an option for all of our patients and encourage patients to join disease support groups and registries.


Richard Lafayette, M.D.


Fahmeedah Kamal, M.D.

Jackson Kim, M.D.


Neeraja Khambam, M.D.

Vivek Charu, M.D.

Jonathan Higgins, M.D.

Meghan Troxell, M.D.

Active Clinical Trials

  • Zanabrutinib membranous nephropathy trial

  • REBOOT membranous nephropathy trial

  • Obinutuzumab Lupus nephritis trial

  • Ravulizumab lupus nephritis trial

  • AFFINITY atrasentan FSGS trial

  • ALIGN atrasentan IgA nephropathy trial

  • sparsentan IgA nepropathy PROTECT trial

  • atacicept igA nephropathy ORIGIN trial

  • sibeprenlimab IgA Visionary nephropathy trial

Current non-trial studies

  • NEPTUNE cohort study (FSGS, ALports, Minimal change, membranous nephropathy)

  • CURE GN study (FSGS, IgA nephropathy)

  • Minimal change (membranous nephropathy)

  • Trident cohort study (diabetic nephropathy)

Accepting trainee applications?

Yes, have GN fellowship, 1 year mixed clinical and research


Visit their website:

300 Pasteur Drive, Stanford, CA 94305

Richard Lafayette, M.D.
Clinic: 650-723-6961
Research: 650-736-1866

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