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Introducing GlomCon's New Scholarship Programs for Advancement in Glomerular Diseases Education and Research.

GlomCon Scholarships

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Scholarship Program designed to cultivate innovation, education, and international collaboration in training and research in glomerular diseases. Recognizing the financial challenges some of our dedicated trainees and professionals may encounter, we are committed to lowering these barriers and fostering accessibility to our resources and programs.

Our Scholarship Program encompasses three unique categories:

Educational Scholarship

This scholarship aims to improve access to knowledge. We will provide free access to our acclaimed Fellowship Training Program to a select number of individuals worldwide (based on funding availability and economic considerations). This opportunity is mainly targeted at those who exhibit passion and commitment in glomerular diseases but are restrained by financial limitations.

Traditional Library
The Educational Scholarship has been made possible through generous contributions by the following individuals:

Dr. Salem Almaani 
Dr. Carmen Avila
Dr. Kirk Campbell

Dr. Tiffany Caza 
Dr. Ray Hsu
Dr. Nicole Isbel
Dr. Shilpa Jesudason 
Dr. Tracy Jonelis
Dr. Stewart Lecker 
Dr. Laura Mariani 
Dr. Peter Mollee

Dr. Henry Mroch

Dr. Saif A. Muhsin, MBCHB

Dr. Chen Au Peh

Dr. Martin Pollak

Dr. Ali Poyan Mehr 

Dr. Helmut Rennke

Dr. Brad Rovin 

Dr. Mario Rubin

Dr. Mayuri Trivedi

Dr. Suneel Udani 

Dr. Sandheep Venkataraman

2023 Educational Scholarship Recipients

Dr. Dinuka Sanathani Warapitiya, Sri Lanka
Dr. Syeda Hurmath, India
Dr. Ephrem Berhe Beyene, Ethiopia
Dr. Amrit K C, Nepal 
Dr. Amor Patrice Socorro Espinosa-Estabillo, Philippines
Dr. Rajitha Abeysekera, Sri Lanka
Dr. Jenelyn Tan Gaw-Tang, Philippines
Dr. Maria Conchita Martin Morabe, Philippines
Dr. Kyaw Swar Htet, Myanmar
Dr. Fatma Amirali Bakshi, Tanzania
Dr. Saira Javeed, Pakistan
Dr. Kevin T John Keeppallil, India
Dr. Dimas Septiar, Indonesia
Dr. Esther Tan Zhao Zhi, Malaysia

Dr. Dinesha Sudusinghe, Sri Lanka
Dr. Ilse Lucia Garcia de Campos, Honduras
Dr. Afzalul Bashar, Bangladesh
Dr. Ahmad Baseer Kaihan, Afghanistan
Dr. Wanjiru Kibe, MBChB, Kenya
Dr. Lázaro Ibrain Cobiellas Carballo, Cuba
Dr. Yvonne Afi Okang MBChB, Ghana
Dr. Kakai Elijah, Kenya
Dr. Luz Marina Mejia Paz, Colombia
Dr. Sabarinath S, India
Dr. Santosh Subedi, Nepal
Dr. Aarthi M, India
Dr. Aniketh Prabhakar, India

Research Scholarship

Innovation fuels progress in medical science, and we want to keep that flame burning. This scholarship offers seed funds to pilot projects that hold promise for breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of glomerular diseases. If you have an idea that needs support to get off the ground, this scholarship could be your launching pad. Details about this program, including the application and selection process, will be announced in fall 2023. 

Travel Scholarship

Recognizing the value of the cross-pollination of ideas and practices across geographical boundaries, we are offering travel scholarships for trainees involved in GlomCon’s research initiatives. This scholarship supports travel costs associated with attending relevant conferences, symposiums, or research collaborations, promoting knowledge exchange and professional growth. The 2023 Travel Scholarship is provided to trainees (undergraduates, medical students, residents, and fellows) who are contributing to the Natural History of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) Study.

more to come...

Each scholarship reflects GlomCon's commitment to nurturing talent, advancing research and fostering a global community of professionals dedicated to combating glomerular diseases.


In the coming weeks and months, we will share detailed application guidelines and eligibility criteria for each category. We encourage all those interested to prepare and seize these exciting opportunities.


Stay tuned for more information.

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