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GlomCon Foundation and Baim Institute for Clinical Research Enter Research Collaboration Agreement

The GlomCon Foundation and the Baim Institute for Clinical Research are pleased to announce a formal agreement to collaborate on advancing research in kidney diseases. This partnership, built with complementary backgrounds and shared goals, aims to leverage both organizations' unique strengths to support the design and implementation of large, real-world evidence studies, global registries, and randomized controlled trials. This collaboration will bring significant opportunities to support advancements in kidney disease research and scientific cooperation. 

About GlomCon Foundation:

The GlomCon Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is a global leader in providing medical education and fostering research collaboration in glomerular diseases. Since its inception in 2016, GlomCon has grown into a renowned global consortium with more than 7,000 weekly newsletter subscribers, weekly clinical and scientific conference attendees from over 132 counties, and certificate training programs for nephrologists and nephropathologists interested in glomerular disease subspecialty training. 

GlomCon's multi-site real-world evidence study group is pursuing some of the largest observational history and registry studies in rare glomerular diseases. The GlomCon Foundation is making this data platform available to clinicians and researchers interested in developing their own independent registry or observational study. 

About Baim Institute for Clinical Research:

The Baim Institute for Clinical Research is an independent, nonprofit academic research organization that shares a deep commitment with its partners to improving patient outcomes through high-quality research and evidence-based medicine. Baim Institute specializes in the full spectrum of clinical research services, from study design and protocol development to data management and regulatory support. The institute's dedication to research excellence is unwavering and reflected in the hundreds of thousands of participants enrolled in more than 1,250 studies (100,000 under management currently) which have led to more than 50 FDA submissions.

Goal of the Collaboration:

This collaboration combines GlomCon's expertise in glomerular diseases, its global network of experts, and research platforms with Baim Institute's expertise in clinical trial design and management. Together, they will provide comprehensive tools and services for conducting extensive real-world evidence studies, global registries, and randomized controlled trials. This partnership will enhance the ability to develop, implement, and oversee complex research protocols, ensuring rigorous scientific standards and impactful clinical outcomes.

We look forward to this collaboration bringing significant advancements in understanding and treating kidney diseases, ultimately improving patients' lives worldwide.


To learn more about the Baim Institute for Clinical Research, visit

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